26 March 2007


I'd left the house a little late this morning to get the bus into the city. I needed to get a train home ASAP, and nicely managed to run for the bus in time.
I arrived at the train station with a comfortable 30 minutes to spare, only to discover that my train has been cancelled, and the next available one was in 2 hours.
So therefore, I'm sat pilfering wifi at the train station trying to study for the next 120 minutes. Nice.
More adventures of chav bashing for the next 3 weeks, as I'm back at the Leisure Centre as a shift manager. Which I'm sure will be fun!


Trainee Paramedic said...

Have FUN chav bashing. I'm not going to have to much as I'm actually having a these 2 weeks as a holiday rather than a working holiday. Maybe one or two shifts! Have a good break!

Dash said...

Hope you have a good holiday. I'm meant to be lambing here in Wales, but shadowing vets instead. No farmers want me :( Well, noone around here anyway.