05 March 2007


Well the week has started off well:
Normal PBHell and lunch with the girlies then back into the books.
I have a long night of study for an assessment tomorrow and I can see the coffee machine being filled up very regularly through the night.
I'm going to head into my bar later on to go through some notes with a friend (possibly over a pint or a coffee...) then get back here and cram some more into the early hours.
Should lead to an interesting night ahead!

But I'm still smiling, even if my facial muscles do now ache!


Anonymous said...

not being picky or owt, however not seen an BMI update for a bit :P

Anonymous said...

I second anonymous (just cos I'm nosy). But good luck for tomorrow and don't forget to get *some* sleep!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow...... *huggles*

Anonymous said...

Good luck Merys!