04 March 2007


OK, new week, new start. No more whining and no more crying.

I managed to start an epic scale domestic between my parents when I was home with regards to quitting medical school or sticking it out.

I realise that people in this world are worse off than me and that I should thank myself lucky that I even have a place at medical school.

So, as I start the week with PBHell, I shall do so with an, albeit fake, smile upon my face and a leap in my step. (I'm aiming for an academy award too!)

Blogging will resume properly this week!


Anonymous said...

Good luck (but you're still allowed to whine/cry if you feel the need!)

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! As long as you turn into a nice doctor who listens to 'roadstaff' and treats the nurses nicely, you'll always have my support!!

Phoenix said...

Oy! Why amn't I in your sidebar?

*spams merys*

Anonymous said...

You can do it girl!!