17 March 2007

The Giggle Fairy

This is an odd post to write, and may yet be taken down.
I have in front of me a packet of fluoxetine (aka Prozac) because upon consultation with my GP he thinks I may have depression.
I'm inclined to agree with him, but yet I can't seem to be able to take the first tablet. I keep putting it off, giving myself another reason to take the first one tomorrow.
I'm wondering when I will actually manage to take the first one.
Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm a giggle fairy too! Go on, be brave and start taking the prozac. Might help. Might not, but you won't know if you don't try. Med school is bloody hard and you need all the help you can get so if meds will help then why not try and make life a little more bearable.

I've suffered depression on and off for a number of years and, whilst I love med school, it does absolutely nothing to ease those feelings of emptiness, tiredness, frustration at feeling low, etc etc. My meds aren't an instant cure but they definitely do help. Without them I would have sunk long ago. I recognise myself in some of your posts and would hate to see you go further down the same path I have had the misfortune to find myself being dragged down.

Best wishes from one giggle fairy to another ;-)

Anonymous said...

They take at least 2 weeks to start working anyway, so it's not as if the first one will do much to you (though some people get a bit of a high when they first start taking them, this wears off)

You have to make your own decision though. Nobody can advise you on that one.

For what its worth tho, I've always thought of you as a cheery sort of soul who suffers the odd pang of self doubt. Much like the rest of us and not something which medication can fix.

Look after yourself Merys

Bypass Lass said...

I hate to sound bossy (well, no, I don't) but... take them.

Those little pills literally saved my life three years ago.

Plus, they have the added bonus of weight-loss as a side effect. They completely zap your appetite.

Hope things pick up for you soon,