30 March 2007


Despite the fact that it’s a Friday evening and I came in from work at 17.30 this evening, I’m far from winding down.

Sadly I have to be back to work tomorrow morning at 08.00 to open the leisure centre and cash up the tills. I do this because I need the money to pay for my increasing student debts through my medicine degree, and because I actually enjoy partaking in chav bashing under the guise of ‘work’.

Today I had the great delight of asking a very baby faced young gentleman for some proof of ID. His friend had purchased a jug of lager (as he had ID and was over 18) and was proceeding to supply it to his younger looking friend. Sadly people think I was born yesterday.

I ask you this: If you turned 18 yesterday, you would carry ID wouldn’t you?

Part of the joy of being 18, as well as being able to legally purchase alcohol, is to be able to prove it when challenged. Yet this gentleman didn’t see the joy, as he was unable to prove his age (and looked around 15).

Hard luck.


The Angry Medic said...

You're right about that actually, it's cool to be able to whip it out and prove you're old enough.

(ID, I mean.)

Heh. You've been very quiet, you nerd. Sorry you didn't make it down for the Revue, would've been great to see you! It went well anyways. How's things in Merysland?

Jo said...

But oh-so-frustrating when (as an over-18) you forget it. I'm starting to enjoy getting IDd now though (I'm 22). It's so satisfying, like Angry Medic said, to be able to hand it to them with a smile :-)

That said, every time I try to ID someone who looks under 18 they turn out to be older than me and a regular customer. Then even if they don't have ID the manager will say they're ok, making me look stupid - so I don't ID people very often.