29 March 2007

Reasons to love and hate Yorkshire

LOVE: Hot baths and proper toilet paper
HATE: Regularly waking up without electricity
LOVE: A washing machine that actually works
HATE: Occasionally losing all the TV channels because some random gust of wind has damaged some random transmitter somewhere (Emley Moor?? I think...)
LOVE: Actually being able to get channel 5 in the first place
HATE: Having to be in at a decent hour
LOVE: Hot meals cooked by someone else using ingredients I haven't had to pay for.

So good to be home...


Dash said...

Nice one Merys. I'm stuck at home too for the holidays. Know how you feel.

Asp said...

I can think of so many other reasons to hate Yorkshire...

(Lancashire Born and Bred) ;)

H said...

How about the lovely Yorkshire fish and chips? So much better than the rubbish down south.