19 March 2007

Bugger it

I deleted the post Stigma because life is too short to argue. I have enough family arguments to contend with, without making here one huge argument too.

If I offended you in anyway with the aforementioned post, I apologise, but maybe my choice of words is what offended you, not my meaning.

Never mind, there's enough crap in the world without me adding to it here.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just posted a reply to you about it all (I was the first anonymous poster btw). Long and short of it was that I understood where you were coming from and that it was just down to personal interpretation of a) what effects ADs have on a person and b) interpretation of the words you used (not saying they were wrong at all - just open to causing confusion).

Anyway, life is too short to get all worked up about these things. :-)

Anonymous said...

Such a shame you took it down, the whole post was like you'd taken it right from my mind. I feel exactly the same (being labelled and that depression happens to others, not you) but I hate that I do. Really really struck a cord with me.

Merys said...

anony 1 - I got the messages you posted, as you published them the same time I took the original post down. I get an email copy for every comment.

anony 2 - you can't please everyone. Feel free to drop me an email

Anonymous said...

Dont try and please everybody ;)

Besides rational debate is healthy and should be sort after.

anony 2 (makes me sound like annoyed 2 lol)

HospitalPhoenix said...

I must have missed it so I couldn't possibly comment.

...so ...have a hug instead