15 November 2005

Things to do....(part1)

Today I have to:
  1. Write an essay on human helminth infections (worms to you and me)
  2. Wash my keys after some moron spilt sambuca on them at work last night
  3. Unpack my shopping
  4. Iron my clothes
  5. Tidy my desk
  6. Write up a lab report that counts 50% towards my module mark
  7. Write a review of some journals
  8. Finish my application to the local ambulance service for some more observing (although I've been rejected from another Paramedic Science course so I don't know why I'm bothering!)
  9. Do some revision for impending exams
  10. Eat something
  11. Phone Herts and find out why they rejected me from their paramedic course
  12. Do some washing
  13. Tidy the flat because the floor is a distant memory
  14. Find my bar uniform
  15. Sort out my lecture notes
  16. ...and finally, sleep.

As you can see, I have a busy day ahead of me. It's a shame that it's already 2 o'clock and none of the above has yet been done.


Merys said...

I keep calling and asking, but either the tutor isnt there, or the phone doesn't get answered. I won't give in.

Anonymous said...

Seems odd to me. Is your CV badly spelled or something?

Still I've found academia and the public sector to be among the worst for job applications/course applications. Unsuccessful attempts seem to disappear and are never referred to again. Very unhelpful.

I seem to remember that you can request all notes they've made about you under one of Tony's many new laws though, so perhaps consult Citizen's Advice to find out which one and ring their main helpdesk until you get put through to someone in the know :P