10 November 2005

Fancy a shag??

'Alright Merys, looking good! Fancy a shag??'
Well, when you put it so eloquently, how on earth could a girl possibly resist?
Yep, you guessed it, one of my ex's appeared in the bar tonight, and he still hasn't managed the art of seduction. It barely worked when I was seeing him, so it certainly isn't going to 2 years later. Dear dear.
Anyway, I've had a rejection today. One of the universities that I had applied to for Paramedic Sciences has rejected me without an interview. Apparently this happened on the 4th November. I'm contemplating giving them a quick phone call to try and get some constructive feedback, but part of me says not to bother.
I've actually just started organising some more ambulance service based work experience here, just so I can get a better insight. I'm presuming the previous experience, of 4 jobs across two 12 hour shifts isn't necessarily a good representation of the career I am applying for, and I don't want to look like a moron at (potential) interview, if I should have little work experience. Hope that made more sense to you than it did to me.


MuppetLord said...

Well, it's direct and to the point. There are much better ways to say it though.

Good luck with the uni hunting.

Anonymous said...

Bah both you drains on society are bound to agree with each other.

*logs off in disgust, and heads back to council flat to fill out incapacity benefit form for "bad back"*