08 November 2005

An introduction to life

While I am well aware that many people view students as being a complete waste of space, and useless to everybody, I feel I have to defend us as a demographic group. Yes, I am aware that I have done stupid 'student' things, such as being around when road cones were stolen etc. To be honest I've never brought one back to my place, if only because they smell of tramp urine and contain many spiders. Why in heaven's name anyone would want one on their head, I have absolutely no idea......

Anyhow, back to my point.
I've seen this a lot this year - home sickness.
Amongst the bravado and overdrafts, there is a degree of uncertainty when first coming to university. It's the fastest way to learn how to live on your own, and a complete culture shock to many - including myself.
In honesty, I never felt home sick until my third year, and why it hit me then I have absolutely no idea... Unfortunately, home sickness can hit some people so hard that they don't make it until christmas, and I have already had 7 students leave since the start of the term. In some instances, it can be worse, and self-harm and social exclusion happen. That's the point at which I usually intervene, with varying degrees of success.

University does teach you some useful things, like separating coloureds and whites in the washing machine, how to iron (a fading skill, I must admit), and what cheap meals you can make from and egg, 3 different types of pasta, and an onion.
University isn't just about beer swilling and getting laid, it's about the life experience. Frankly, I don't care what people think about students, the morons get what they deserve in a crap degree classification and a job in McDonalds.

That's my two'penneth for the day


thinblueline said...

*University isn't just about beer swilling and getting laid, *

But it helps....

dotdavid said...

The best way to deal with homesickness is to get a hobby.

And hell, I've heard of worse than beer swilling and getting laid! :P