30 November 2005

Previous incarnations

Mister Hand has posed an interesting question with regards to what previous jobs I've had that may be worse than bar work.

Cleaning toilets for a living in an old people's home wasn't the best job in the world, but it kept me out of trouble. I guess you get used to the smell after a while, probably because it follows you around like an old friend.

I have been the annoying person who hands you a leaflet in the city centre, I've done market research for people and I've worked in sales.

I've also been a lab technician and a manager, and above all my jobs my bar work is most preferred.

Bar work has simple rules - mainly relating to the law, and if people are rude to me I get to remove their drink. Simple.


Diane Mandy said...

Why would Mr. H pose such a question? I work at pub in my free time and I LOVE it! Meet new people, earn a little cash, and when you're nice to the bartenders you get FREE DRINKS!

PS. Love the pink!

Scotgirl said...

I agree! I love the feeling of power - if someone annoys you, you can just take your time when it comes to serving them next time. So they HAVE to be polite to you.

My worst job was working in a packing factory - putting lids on tubs of raspberries. Mind numbing doesnt even begin to describe it!

Mister Hand said...

I was actually hoping that maybe there'd be something dirty. Like maybe at some point you had dallied in giving sex for drugs or something like that. i mean, who hasn't had those experiences?

Well, not that I've done it. At least, not within the last five years.

Did I type all of that out loud?

Stu Savory said...

Back in my student days (daze?) I earned good pocket money by washing down bodies in a morgue. It lasted 3 weeks, i.e. until I got my first plastic bag full of bits from a car accident :-(

Then I realised why all the other students doing that job were student nurses or doctors to be who were hardening their stomachs, and I, reading Physics, was not cut out (excuse the expression) for the job.

But then, I never wanted to be a doctor like you....