17 November 2005

Please note...

..the current time of this blog.

No, I haven't falsified it. I have just 90% finished one essay, and my will to work is fading, along with my caffeine levels.

I am calling it a morning now, as I have a lecture in 6 hours, and it would appear that I am to get a little over 3 hours sleep before the alarm clock chorus starts.

Goodnight and good morning
Your knackered student Merys


dotdavid said...

Ah. Reminds me of the final deadline day of my final year project... A crate of Coke, a box of Jaffa cakes and many trips to the 24 hour computer labs to print things out. Many many last-minute disasters, and finally getting to bed at 5.30AM.

The waking up at 3PM and getting smashed was the best bit though!

MuppetLord said...

arg. Plenty of coffee and chocolate did it for me with important assignments. Didn't do the whole past 2am business though....I like to sleep occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Haven't tried pro-plus but thats meant to be good.. ;)

Scotgirl said...

I always panicked when at uni because people said the real world was much harder but it really REALLY isnt. You leave the office 5/6ish and then you can completely switch off. It's the dream. Sending you massive sympathy vibes though - this time last year I was exactly the same

PS - Haribo are the way to go - instant sugar rush!