22 November 2005


I'm stressed, more than ever.

I'm sitting waiting for my students to return home from a night on
the tiles and set the fire alarm off.

I'm waiting for the information to sink into my skull.

I'm deciding whether hitting myself with a journal will allow the information to pass, like energetic osmosis into my neurones.

I'm consuming far too much caffeine for productive work.

I'm struggling against scientists' writers block to write the last bloody essay

I'm looking at my desk and wondering if its surface will ever see the light of day again

I'm waiting to fail my masters


Unknown said...

Remember to breathe! All will be fine...All WILL be fine...

MuppetLord said...

Enhance your calm.

Anonymous said...

Bahh forget exams. Become a single mum of 10 kids and live off the state.. much better idea.

The sun always shines when it pours..