30 November 2005


Apparently I can speak other languages. Unfortunately my friends didn't manage to record exactly what I was saying, what language it was in, or understand any of it. I managed to be asleep for the entire duration, so I only have their word for it.

It's news to me! Apparently I sounded completely fluent and it definitely wasn't French, Spanish or German. The only thing that I can presume is that too much martial arts has lead me to start shouting commands in Korean. Who knows....

It doesn't actually suprise me, as my friends have told me before that they've had entire conversations with me while I was sleeping, but they never mentioned other languages.

Maybe I'm like Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity?? (NB: you will have to have read the book rather than seen the film to understand the reference.)

There's absolutely no wonder that I'm always tired is there? It's hard work keeping up with all these foreign languages!

1 comment:

Madame DeBarge said...

Well, at least you were fluent in whatever you were speaking!