12 January 2008

Slim pickings

I think I like the idea of Slimming World. It's not bothering me too much so far, although the diet is a bit complicated at first.

Last night I cooked for my housemate B and myself. We had a vegetable lasagne followed by a bread, honey and apricot pudding with custard as syns.

Today, I was feeling a little, erm... windy.

Turns out B was too. Today the pair of us have been in different areas all day at uni and haven't seen each other. I got it right in the neck when he got home. Apparently he feels like he's lost weight today too!

At least tomorrow I'm working at the outdoor activity centre, and can fart my way through the forest!

The joys of working in the fresh air!


The Little Medic said...

That sounds like quite a tasty diet. Although with the side effects, perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

bad manners

Eclipse said...

Lol, that seems to be what happens when I try and get my bf to eat more veggies and be healthier!

BTW really enjoy the blog, hang on in there with the studies - I know its tough (currently studying for a PhD myself in Finland and it's like banging yr head against a brick wall most of the time!), but it will be worth it in the end :)