31 January 2008

Lack of motivation

I guess it's the time of year of short days and long nights (although I know that's getting better now) that makes me lose motivation for university these days.

I am so physically and mentally tired at the moment. I have hellishly long days at the moment, starting from 5.45AM until 6.30PM when I crawl home, usually to have to crawl back out to work again shortly afterwards.

Thankfully this will only go on for another 3 weeks, but roll on those 21 days. I'm not sure how much more I can cope with...


the little medic said...

I know what you mean time of year wise. I don't think i've ever worked so much and its not the time of year for it. So need a break!

MB said...

Stay strong chick! I know what you mean about this time of year. When I'm oncall (like tonight!) I find myself so on edge of the pager ringing that sleep in not really an option. I have another 4 days/night oncall and I'm already relying on caffeine drinks. And to me, the nights seem more drawn out than I would wish because they start so early.

But when you qualify, you'll look back at this and realise it was all worth it for the career you want.

Falk said...

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