06 January 2008

A New Start

The new year's resolutions seem to have started quite well. I did a night shift last night, and during a quiet patch managed to get 1000 words of an essay written up in final copy. I've been good and done all the drafting with friends already.
However, I am being quite thick and doing a night shift tonight on MAU. I'm gonna get zero sleep and probably zero break.
The down side to this is that uni starts again tomorrow....
At least it doesn't start until 12 noon. So I might actually get a bit of sleep first!


Elaine said...

Well done about the essay.

Hope MAU is quiet (or shouldn't I say that?

James Richards said...

Hi Merys,

I was wondering if I could interview (telephone) you about your blog.

I've been researching work blogs for some time and would like your take on the subject.

Please return my email if you'd like to get involved.

It's all anonymous - even I don't need to know who you are.

It would involve a 30-40 minute telephone interview, or even via Google Chat or MSN, if you'd prefer that.

I can send you some questions in advance if that would suit you too.


James j dot richards at hw dot ac dot uk or find me through my blog