19 January 2008

Thank you for making me skint.

Dear The Trainline,

Thank you ever so much for blocking funds in my bank accounts. I accept that you haven't actually removed the money, but neither can I.

You see, when I tried to buy train tickets through your website three times, and you said my card had been declined by the bank, then that was what I was expecting to happen.

What I didn't expect was that you would block £121 of my money across 2 bank accounts and therefore make me unable to withdraw any cash.

I especially love your foreign call centre, and just how well all your staff speak English, and especially since you put me on hold for 11 minutes while I was paying for an 0870 call!

Therefore, when you do finally stop trying to take my money, I will be writing to you and seeking refund for my call costs.

Cheers for that.



Anonymous said...

yes do it! complain alot. i did and they refunded it twice... i didnt correct their mistake. opps

The Little Medic said...

It seems to be a day for complaining, I've just written a lovely complaint letter to wetherspoons (also posted on my blog)

Definitely complain.

DundeeMedStudent said...

complaining is good.

trains however don't seem to be good right now- boo.

David said...

IMO the new NXEC journey planning software is much more user friendly, has a UK call centre, in Newcasle, and offers the same deals.

My solution to people like these, and amazon who used to play the same game, was to have an internet only card which I only ever use online.