04 January 2008

good pain, bad pain

What I'm about to do is gonna hurt. Really hurt.
You may remember I said I had a flesh tunnel. I still have it, and it currently hurts.
It hurts because I'm in the middle of doing my last and final stretch to 8mm. Sadly, nowhere have I found a 7mm stretch or tunnel. Which meant I had to stretch the already taut hole in my ear by 2mm at once. Which hurts.

Now I've got the wonderful job of cleaning it with contact lens solution before I put my final plastic retainer in (a UV reactive one!).

Yes I know, it's self inflicted pain, but that's what makes it good pain!


Worrals said...

Ummm, they do knitting needles in 6.5mm, 7mm and possibly 7.5mm. Couldn't you get some kind person to cut one up for you (obviously you don't want a whole knitting needle in your ear) and grind off the sharp bits? A bit late now I suppose, but if the pain stays bad it might be an option.

Jo said...

"Yes I know, it's self inflicted pain, but that's what makes it good pain!"

I can relate to that. Unfortunately, I can relate to that as an ex self harmer.


DundeeMedStudent said...

hey Merys, thanks for the comment.

Ah the uni can't really do anything, it just was a bit scary to get an email sent to the whole year with a chunk of my blog quoted in it. I'm pretty sure they don't know who I am, but you know I wasn't going to try my luck and blog at uni just in case- you know. Anyhoo I'm back and should be blogging reasonably regularly (hopefully)

How is the tunnel I kinda want one, but since I stopped wearing earrings about 6months after getting them pierced I think I might get bored of it!

MB said...

I agree with the pain thing - I currently have 8 piercings and a tattoo; and don't regret any of them. But I can relate to what Jo is saying too being an ex-self harmer myself. To me though, the two things feel completely different.

Anonymous said...

bad idea if you want to be a doctor, bad idea.