25 January 2008


Today I had one of my many medical school appraisals. It's a chance to talk candidly with a tutor about academic and professional performance to date.

I had a 15 minute interview with one of my tutors where we discussed how well I'd integrated within the group.

Now, this would have been fine, except I've been a tad brittle of late. My mood has been a tad unpredictable, and rather unsurprisingly I ended up crying my eyes out to a GP who isn't my doctor, nor to whom I am especially fond. It was a slightly surreal experience to be honest.

I am slightly worried about what he thinks of me now, but the bullish side of me couldn't care less.

These things happen. On the plus side, he thinks I'm doing well and will make a good doctor, so I guess I can't moan.


Anonymous said...

i did this twice last year. to a tutor who i wasnt even a student of. i have her this year and am trying my hardest to prove to her im not a mental haha.

im sure your doing fine. student life... bit shit at times!

The Little Medic said...

I did something similar way back in 1st year when I had a lot of my mind. I ended up spilling all and I think the tutor was ever so slightly surprised.

Still, got through it eventually. Its always better to get these things off your chest. Good luck

DundeeMedStudent said...


Anonymous said...

Hey there, the only important bit in that post is the last paragraph! You get upset because you want to be the best doctor that you can be. Before you know it, the summer will be here!

Calavera said...

Aww, look at it this way - at least you got it all of your chest - the fact that you broke down shows just how much stress you've been under, and you can't keep bottling stuff like that away.

On another (completely irrelevant and trivial) note: How did you get that ticker up? I went to Ticker Factory, and I even found the perfect ticker (a guy running past all these houses) and I wanted to put it up in my blog as part of my new year's running resolutions and I couldn't get the frigging thing to work.


MB said...

Sometimes talking things through with someone different helps. The first time I broke down infront on one of my tutors on my psychology course it was over exam stress, and it was a tutor I didn't particularly like. I think the added stress of talking to someone I disliked pushed me into spilling how I felt.

Oh, and I think the thing you should take away from this, is part of the last sentence. You will make a good doctor!