04 January 2008

A little new year's cheer

Just before christmas I had an OSCE. Remember me mentioning those? Exams from hell. It's all about being a performer and knowing your lines and actions.
If you challenged me now I couldn't do the same examination I had to do in the exam, but at the time I was fine. It's performance pressure.

While certain parts of the OSCE went fine, there were a couple of stations that I came out of thinking 'oh bollocks'.

I also had a SSM to do before christmas too, and that went less than well. Actually having to write it was fine, and I knew my stuff. But being Viva'd on it I didn't do so well. Stuff that I knew before going in completely eluded me in the actual assessment.

However, the exam results came out yesterday and I passed them both! I don't know what my marks were yet, but I just know I passed. At least that might give me a kick up the arse to work harder this year and trust my skills a little more!

Now onto the dreaded resolutions:

  1. I. WILL. LOSE. WEIGHT! I've gained a lot of weight since splitting with my ex boyfriend, and I don't like it. As of next Tuesday I'm joining slimming world. I've printed off the first 7 day meal plan and ordered all my food from the supermarket. All is good. I'm aiming to lose at least 2 stones, and anything else is a bonus.
  2. I will study harder and spend less time volunteering. I mean, I love volunteering, but I just don't always get the time to do everything, and my priorities are all the wrong way round sometimes.
  3. I will start sport again. Cycling is fine, and I dread to think how much I would weigh if I didn't cycle everywhere, but I need to do something more active. I miss taekwon do, but sadly can't find a compatible club down here that I like or that I can get to. 20 miles is slightly too far to cycle...
  4. I will hopefully this year dig myself out of debt and get my ISA going again. Realistically I find this unlikely to happen... but one can dream.


MB said...

Your resolutions sound like mine :D haha!

Oh, and congrats on the results!!!!

The Little Medic said...

congratulations on the results and best of luck with the resolutions.

Lola Cherry Cola said...

Woo, congrats on the results!

I'm glad you're going to spend less time volunteering, it can take over your life and you're short on time as it is.

Hope 2008 shall be a good 'un!