23 November 2006

Panic Stations!

Jenny is trying to turn me into a lady. She might not be a very good cook, but she is amazingly ladylike. She is never to been seen with a rucksack - always a handbag. And she always has a string of pearls elegantly draped around her neck. It's scary, it really is. And now, she's trying to make me into a lady.
If you hand't already worked it out, I'm a bit of a tom boy. I like adrenaline sports, motor racing, rock climbing and paintballing. While I'm very open minded, you probably would never get me to sit and watch showjumping at a country show while politely applauding.
Take my movie taste for example, I like gory films like Saw 3 and Scream, and gangster films like Layer Cake. Jenny has just lent me the Princess Diaries. But, I'll give it a go.
Music tastes - Jenny likes Westlife and Britney. I like Greenday, Muse and Scissor Sisters. Don;t even get me started on when we introduced her to Tenacious D. I've seen less scared looking rabbits in my car headlights!
Sadly, there's just a little too much ex-goth left lurking in my bloodstream, does anyone have a cure?


Matthew said...

One thing with a huge evidence base that it doesn't work............Blood Letting.

HospitalPhoenix said...

I don't have a cure.

But I have plenty of The Cure (ba boom tish)

Nah seriously, you're allowed to grow up, be a lady etc, but still apreciate the cool things you appreciated as a tortured teenager.

So if you wish, you can wear pearls. But whilst wearing pearls, you can pop on a Cure record and appreciate Robert Smith's beautiful voice and heart-wrenching lyrics........ whilst looking like a lady.

Best of both worlds.

Lennie Briscoe said...

I think there is more chance of you converting her ot the dark side.

Toodle pip, I'm off to the Hunt...

Jo said...

Erm, Merys as a lady? Can't see it myself :p

Although you possibly have more luck with the transformation than I would.

Calavera said...

Ditto right here.

You'll most likely see me in a football shirt (I have six!) jeans, a hoodie and trainers...

But us tomboys rock. Indeed.

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