17 November 2006


It's the end of another long week and I'm exhausted. I know people who work will say that university is just a 'doss', but having worked 60+ hour weeks university is just as exhausting in my opinion.

When holding down a job, if you're lucky you can leave it behind at the end of the day and close the door on work.* Students don't get that luxury sadly - especially not medical students. We have constant pressure to be reading further material, practise clinical skills and history taking, and the ever important communication skills.

Along with this I have a job (which I need to be able to eat). We really need longer days or shorter teaching weeks.

Sometimes I genuinely wish I hadn't started another degree, as my conscience won't let me quit. I'm exhausted physically and mentally, and would desperately like a weekend off - but I have too much work to do to keep up with everyone else.

I'm finding PBL-style learning is very much based on self-teaching, which is fine if you can do it. Not sure I can.

* I am aware that this is not true of all jobs.


Rob said...

Vet school is the same. I don't want to know how many hours I've had this week. Silly amounts of self-study to do as well. Finishing the week with a stats lecture is evil, especially now I have to go to work.

Renal said...

Dunno what you're doing M, I don't think school has ever taken up 60 hours of my week, work on the other hand does repeatedly. Are you sure you're not doing too much?