07 November 2006

I appreciate the validity....but....

I do realise why I have to learn communication skills, but really, pulling teeth would be less painful.

You see, while I'm a gobby cow for the most part, I can talk to patients. I really can, I have done and it doesn't actually worry me.

Make me analyse the way I speak to a patient and role play it in front of a crowd and I will fall apart. I stammer, lisp and go into full screensaver mode. It's depressing and makes me feel a right twat with people in my group.

If I could just talk to a patient rather than analysing all the various TLAs* I need to remember, I'd do so much better!

*TLA = three letter acronym - vastly dominant in the medical profession sadly!

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Anonymous said...

This hits home with me too!

During my work in a hospital I'd find it so easy to talk to patients ad got such good responses from them about me to my supervisor. Once we did all our comm. skill stuff I felt so in adequate talking to patients for quite a while after that, mainly because I was thinking about it way too much.

I've found that a lot of the time letting the conversation flow naturally is the best way (unless you're unable to talk to people appropriately at all!)