20 November 2006

Keep Off!!

At the beginning of the year I was really looking forward to sharing a kitchen again. I had delusions of sharing the cooking and chatting and eating together.

Sadly not quite so true. Jenny, Liam and myself often eat together, but that's about it.

Some housemates come and go with the wind, leaving only the faint smell of food to remind us that they're still alive.

Sadly though, my patience, my permanent marker and my food supplies are wearing thin. I thought I'd outgrown the stage of having to write my name in large letters on all of my food, but depressingly it's a necessity again.

I'm getting particularly cheesed off with break and milk being 'borrowed' by housemates as whenever I want any there's none left! And before anyone suggests it, fridges are prohibited in rooms and it's too warm to keep food there otherwise. I'm kind of tied, as it's kitchen or starve.

I guess I'll just have to crack out the laxatives!


Phoenix said...

Good plan. Way back in the day, I lived-in as a JHO. We all did. When I got fed up with my milk being stolen by the invisible man, I bought a 2-pint jug of milk and laced it with a vast quantity of frusemide. My 6 or 7 trusted JHO friends knew to avoid it.

Sure enough, the milk went missing, about a pint at a time over the following 48 hours. But funnily enough, I never heard any stories about junior doctors spending all day on the toilet.

Just so you know though, this was before the days when it was (widely known that it's) illegal to do such things.

Nurse Sandra May said...

That was my biggest issue with halls of residence at uni! People always stole my bloody food!

Mainly because I was always fully stocked- When I wanted to borrow some milk because mine had grown legs and walked not ONE person would lend me any. I only wanted enough for a cup of tea!


Lola Cherry Cola said...

Ahh, you should know that uni students aren't to be trusted with food. I used to go mad in halls when some bugger ate my cheese. And there was also the time I opened what had been a near full tub of marge, to find it almost empty. It looked like someone had scooped the contents out with a spoon for baking, grrr. Maybe this is what you need for your more essential items hehe http://www.firebox.com/index.html?dir=firebox&action=product&pid=1469&src_t=sbk&src_id=vault

Anonymous said...

For the milk try the trusted trick of adding some food colouring. A couple of drops and your now black/red/green etc milk wont seem so appetising, and once put in tea you'll hardly notice the difference!

Learner Lawyer said...

I used to ejaculate into my milk... that worked once they figured it out.