10 November 2006

Another one bites the dust

It's been another long day here in the land of medical school and i'm exhausted.
I do however feel I have to comment on the recent report saying which medical school allegedly has the hardest working students. Now I appreciate that this study looks pretty straight forward - comparing hours of study between different subjects etc. I can't say it comes as much of a surprise to me that medical students do more work and have more contact time than media students.

What does surprise the hell out of me is that some students somewhere are managing to work an average of 45 hours a week (I don't know if this is extra to lectures etc, or including them - but it's still a hell of a lot!). Apparently students at the University of East Anglia studying medicine are managing to do an average of 45 hours a week study.

Quite glad that's not expected of me, I don't think I'd manage that many hours a week, in between paid employment, sport, trying to sleep and falling off a bike. And it worries me that potential medical students could see this artical and view it as a mandatory requirement etc. I know it would have alarmed me before I started medical school...

Anyhow, best of luck to all the medical students at the UEA, and keep hitting those books while the rest of us feel inferior!

For the full story please read the BBC links within the above mentioned URL, as it sites the statistics used to formulate the article.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while you can... I reckon there was one point back there is second year where I was putting in 50 hours a week - http://sjhoward.co.uk/archive/category/university/my-week/

That said, most of the time, it's nothing like that busy!

Phoenix said...

Don't worry yourself! It's best to have a balance. If you can keep up a job, sports, a social life AND get through medical school, you're a couple of steps ahead of those who spend all their time studying.

As for competing with your peers for rankings and jobs - I doubt that currupt system will last long. Your future employers will want someone who can balance a life with medical studies. Seriously, they will.

So chin up, and keep falling off that bike ;)

Anonymous said...

I did Biomedical Science part-time. One of our lecturers expected us to do 20 hours study per week on top of the lectures. If all the lecturers had insisted on this, it would have meant 50 hours study per week. On top of travelling, working full-time, carrying out coursework, and actually attending the lectures in the first place. I had a bloody good try at this, but didn't actually manage 50 hours per week, except in the weeks when we had extra coursework, and then, thanks to Dr Proplus, I had to work 4 days with a total of 7 hours sleep over that time.
Can you believe I miss it? Well I miss the opportunity to learn, not the lack of sleep.