01 November 2006

I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too..... (or Watch that drunk pt 2)

It was all just a little bit reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz.... I wouldn't have been entirely surprised to hear nasty music playing and some flying monkeys following me around.

For there was I, cycling into university dressed as a witch with full velvet cloak and pointy hat, oh, and a lot of body paint. For obvious reasons I will not be posting the photographs. Needless to say they're amusing!
And apparently, being drunk and dressed as a witch makes me a better cyclist because I didn't fall off or cycle into anything.

This is where the post becomes 'watch that drunk part 2, as there I was, slightly intoxicated and cycling home, still all witchy, when I spotted a couple of delightfully drunk students quoting everything in a Shakespeare style rather loudly. I cycled past them oblivious but laughing to myself when I heard:
"What is this a-cycling before my eyes? It is a witch upon a bicycle, a-wailing
in the wind"
I don't recall any wailing, but my cloak was blowing rather dramatically... Made me smile.


Jen (arr) said...

I am liking yer blog, arr. (I have inexplicably transformed into an internet pirate. Arr.)

On a non-pirate-based note, I have been reading for some time, and wanted to say hello! Am fellow random acts of reality reader, but now read your blog as often as I read his, therefore you must update more often!

Tom Reynolds said...



Merys said...

You really think I'm talented enough to cycle and take photographs of myself while on the bike?