15 October 2006


God love my housemates (cos no-one else would!).....

When instructing Jenny (one of my housemates) on how to make roast potatoes... we took for granted that she would peel them before par-boiling them.

Needless to say most instructions are now vastly more detailed.


Anonymous said...

My mate's roomies despaired when she managed to burn a pan of pasta being boiled!

Anonymous said...

Not as obvious as you might think - after all, when you bake potatoes you leave the skin on, and roast potatoes do have a nice crusty kind of thing so that could be the skin. No, I've never made roast potatoes before either.

Mat said...

Comprehensive instructions on making either posh or common roast potatoes:

Goto Sainsburies,
Goto Freezer Section,
Pick up McCain Roasties and follow instructions on packet

Goto Sainsburies,
Goto Fridge Section, Goto Ready Meal section,
Pick up posh roast potato ready meal and foow instructions on packet.

Kian said...

I quite like roast potatoes made with the skins on :p