28 October 2006

Watch that drunk!

So there I am, cycling along the road when I spot a drunk weaving around on the pavement. Obviously I don't want to cycle into him, but I do need to get on the footpath myself in order to get around the corner (I know it's illegal to cycle on the footpath before you tell me). So I decide to try and hop the bike onto the curb, thinking it's a drop curb. It isn't. I get the angle wrong and find myself in a heap on the pavement avec bike and bag.

Needless to say that the person who comes to help me is that selfsame drunk I'd been trying to avoid.
Bless him.
One of these days I will wear my helmet!

Merys out (with a sore knee)


Mat said...

Cyclists who cycle on the pavement should be fined £1000, instantly shot, and have their cycle melted.

Mat - Founding Member of Pedestrians against Cyclists (They need to learn the Highway code applies to them. If the traffic light is red - STOP!)

Anonymous said...

Fine them the £1000 then kill them... nice!