17 October 2006

I'm fed up of being a moody bitch

Although I do *heart* the doctor I saw today.

You see, I thought I had just come to uni with fresher's flu, but having had a gammy cough that produced funny gunk, I gave in and went to the doctors a fortnight ago. Antibiotics and a lecture later and I was on my way.

Sadly, no better. Back today to see the asthma nurse who shuttled me on to the doctor.
Advice of the doctor? Good quality chocolate helps a cough.

I don't care for the evidence base behind her decision - works for me.

Doctor's orders it is then!


Emster said...

No fair! :(

My doctor's orders are always to lose a little bit of weight, whether it's a chest infection or not.

sue said...

You illustrate a post on 'good-quality chocolate' with a Cadbury's logo?

OK, you're a student, but unless you are really poor you are old enough to know better. :-)

[I have no commercial interest in the competition!]

Jo said...

Good quality chocolate helps most things doesn't it? Cadbury's is ok for milk chocolate but dark chocolate is better in general; I personally don't much like Cadbury's because it's quite sweet.

Oddly enough though, milk chocolate often gives me a sore throat.

Anyway hope you feel better soon - this could have been contributing to the black dog?

Anonymous said...

Quality chocolate = NOT CADBURY!!!!

Now get ye to the shops and buy some proper stuff. OK?

Emster said...

Eurrgh. Cadbury's is heaven compared to Herschey's which tastes like vomit.

S'all about Green & Black's though

Renal said...


It's all about the codeine linctus.

(And the sennacot for the S/Es)

Merys said...

Look there is nowt wrong with Cadbury's. Let's think of the budget here -student. I can't afford Green and Black's, and Hersheys does taste of vomit. I also hate dark chocolate - so Cadbury's or Galaxy it shall be.
Besides, it was meant to make me better, not you lot! lol