23 October 2006

I don't like Mondays

But apparently that's ok because they don't like me either (Isn't that right Mat?)

The day started badly after 2 and a bit hours sleep - which never really helps I suppose.
My back has been hurting me so badly since my parents came down to visit (?stress) that I even tried to sleep on the floor last night with my little brown blanket and pillows. This was actually working quite well until my toes gave in to pins and needles and my neck started cramping.

Sadly I can't sleep on either my back or my right hand side at the moment, and it hurts to breathe again. I suppose the student GP surgery here needs to benefit of my regular custom for painkillers!

Following this calamity and my reduced sleep my bike chain fell off in spectacular fashion causing me to a) get covered in oil attempting to put it back on, b) hurt my foot by dropping the upturned bike on my toes and c) miss a lecture.

I went for breakfast at the union instead - day not entirely lost.


Blog_Doctor said...

Just dropping by to say thanks for your comment in my blog. I resurrected it today in light of the nurse ratchet nonsense, and I found your encouraging comment. Thanks!

Scrub said...

Don't ride bikes there dangerous!
When I was in Hyde Park in the summer we were walking along the cycle path (not realising it was the cycle path) and enarly got run over numerous times 'till we realised that it wasn't a foot path! You don't have many cycle paths up here so how were we meant to know!
Anyway, hope you backs less painful!