26 October 2006

and of course.....

It doesn't help all of this when it is in fact your birthday.
23 today, go me.


NS said...

happy birthday!

even though it doesnt seem so happy right now, i hope you have a lovely rest-of-the-year!!!

get well soon..

Magwitch said...

Many Happy Returns.

Go out and get hammered - celebrate in style.

Anonymous said...

Joining the list of people wishing you a happy birthday!
And vaguely comforting things ;)

(Note: the day can only get better from now!)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :D

Blog_Doctor said...

Happy birthday!

And I hope you feel better and manage to cheer up soon!

caramaena said...

Happy belated birthday!

Ellis James said...

I've always found that it's better to wish someone happy birthday a couple of days later because on the day itself you get so many birthday wishes they all merge into one. And so lose their impact.
So Happy Birthday.