22 October 2006

I am such a girl sometimes

Which is a relief I suppose, given the obvious presence of breasts.... Anyway, I digress.

Earlier tonight I was sat looking at my new RAM stick and new harddrive and wondering how the hell I was going to persuade someone to fit them for me....when I got bored of waiting and wondering.

A couple of phone calls later, the assistance of a boy to take the side of my computer off (i've pulled my shoulder and couldn't give the brute force required) and I had removed one of the existing 256MB sticks and replaced it with a 512MB stick.

I now feel immensely proud. My housemates do not understand why!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well done!! Is it shiny? Has it blown up yet? Reminds me, I just clean inside my PC, its making funny crunching noises...