10 October 2006

The Black Dog

I think I have a case of Magwitch's Black Dog. Now I am thoroughly fed up and cheesed off to the nines.

It all just seems to have gotten on top of me and I desperately want to move back to my old university. I hate the course, haven't been exceptionally sociable and don't like the city I'm living in...... although I haven't fallen off my bike for a while.

I don't feel happy here. I actually miss [old university] more than home - to which my parents aren't very happy. The attitude of my parents is actually along the lines of 'shut up and deal with it or quit'. Nice.

The looming birthday isn't particularly helping either. Being an 'old fart' at medical school doesn't help. In fact, I'm a year older than most of the grads too (damn that masters degree!).

If it wasn't for my amazing housemates I'd be long gone by now. I guess there's a lot to be said for not living with medics.


bankerboy said...

Hi. I've been reading your blog with interest - well it helps to pass the day at least!

Just wanted to say that however bad you're feeling it isn't anywhere near as bad as it will be if you pack it in having made it this far.

Probably seems bleedin' obvious but sometimes you need to hear it from someone else.

Magwitch said...

Oh Merys! Don't know what to say. Stick with it, no matter how tough/bad/hopeless it all seems at the moment. We're all rooting for you. That black dog will roll over eventually.
Take care and stay in touch.

Carmelo Alongi said...

Don't worry Meyrs, I feel the same sometimes. You're a strong lady, you worked damn hard to get where you are, be proud and hold your head up high.

BypassLass said...

Merys, try not to worry :) Starting on a course that you've been pining after for so long can be difficult, especially if you've built up your expectations of what it *should* be like.

When people first start as undergrad, alcohol fuels the introductions and making of friends and being that bit older it can sometimes feel like you've been there and done that and don't want to do it again!

Hang on with it, you're still really early on in the course - you'll get there... just keep thinking of the end goal. I'm sure that you'll adjust to the new uni and new teaching styles. It'll just take time.


Barbados Butterfly said...

Chin up, Merys. It'll get better. Just hang in there.

Jo said...

Hang in there hun! The black dog is a bastard, but he can be chased away.

Sarah said...

Having been in similar situation (though studying architectural technology & conservation) I would suggest that you stick it out for a year at least. I transferred after two years, and it worked out well in the end.

If you complete the year a transfer on academic grounds into 2nd year somewhere else could be an option. Please don't drop out - I suspect there'd be the same issues starting another 1st year.

Anonymous said...

I hate my new uni/town too - and seem to have found a reason to go back to the old one every weekend (six in total) so far!

I'm with you on this on Merys