26 June 2006


If I didn't know better, I would swear my iTunes and iPod were actually attuned to my mood. I'm very chilled and mellow today, and we've had Eels, Counting Crows, Savage Garden and REM. I'm happy.

When the doctor offered me Prozac, my iPod (on random) played Oh Happy Day by Lauryn Hill, I'm On My Way by The Proclaimers (only works if you know the words) and Feeling Good by Muse. Rather randomly, it also selected the Benny Hill theme as I left the surgery. Now that made me smile rather a lot.

Anyway, with the end of my thesis looming (and I'm gonna hand it in early because it's nearly done), I shall return to my glass of wine and Santana, which has just come on.

Mellow Merys


Anonymous said...

I think my iPod contains some evil magic too. It knows! I've found its not great at finding music to run to on its own though.

Anonymous said...

I've seen your iPod track listing - you've missed out the playing of 'Cotton-eye Joe", "Joe Dolce" and "Take That".

So when does it play them Ms Jones?

*Obviously all a joke - she moans that I don't post any comments on here, so she told me to 'make something up'...*

Merys said...

sorry, i'm too young to know who Joe Dolce is

Anonymous said...