09 June 2006


I'm hiding in a corner of the library on a borrowed laptop writing this. The library is the only cold place to be today - as the weather here is far too warm. I've been sent a wonderfully useful piece of software for anonymous blogging - Torpark is a program that runs off portable firefox and connects via another IP (something to do with Proxy but I don't entirely understand it). As far as I'm concerned, it works and that's all that matters. (Yesterday I was apparently blogging from Colorado - I wish!)

I'm kind of coming to the realisation now that I may well be going to medical school - the only thing that's bothering me now is the lecturers strike.
'But wait!' I hear you say, 'the lecturers strike has ended!'
And I know this, and that's what's causing the problem. I'm sat here nervously waiting for a result from an exam I took in the middle of the strike and worrying lots about what will happen if I have failed it. You see, the exam didn't go very well and my coursework wasn't all that fabulous. I had to take time off for university interviews and I think I may have slightly messed it up. The issue comes over a resit - if I have to resit it will be while I'm trying to finish off my dissertation which I need to really concentrate on. It seems such a shame to fail my masters at the very last moment, when I've passed all the other modules on the course for the rest of the year. Not only will I have failed to get into medicine again, but I will have wasted the best part of £6000 in the process. My parents will never speak to me again.

On the slightly more positive side, I will be training to be a paramedic (my reserve offer), and I will happily step into that role (I think). If I don't make medicine this time around I won't be trying again.

3 times a lady, so they say, and this lady is quitting after this try.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh good luck! And whatever you end up doing, you'll probably enjoy it :)