07 June 2006

What the.....?!...........

Do you ever get that feeling that something has happened you don't understand?

Sit back little children while I recount my tale..........

So, 2.30am arrives and our intrepid blogger Merys starts to feel the gravitational pull of bed. Yawning, she switches off the computer (forgetting to defrag it - doh!) and crawls off under the duvet. Satin pajamas are the attire of choice due to the alarmingly warm weather, and it isn't long before she reaches slumberland.

All is well, she does not dream, and awakes early in the afternoon. It is with interest that she realises that she has been 'doing stuff' whilst asleep again. Namely, adding extra clothing to her person. Merys is now wearing a bra, under her pajamas, that she certainly didn't go to bed wearing.

How does she keep doing this, and what in the name of all things holy posesses her to add clothing while asleep? Was she concerned that her cleavage was not getting adequate support while sleeping? Who can tell.

Merys certainly doesn't know!

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thinblueline said...

hmmm pass the drugs your one.. they seem intresting