02 June 2006


My apologies for not updating, but I've been wrapped up in my own little world for the last few days. Working in t'bar combined with my dissertation and being at home has left me confused as to what day it is.

After Monday's post I fell to thinking why this was suddenly important to me. I realised that the reason I'm concerned about my indifference is because I'm about to change universities again. I guess I'm worried that I'll end up abandon all here for a goal that I don't ultimately know if I want. The thing that worries me more (and no offence to medical students here) is my medical school friends who used to be on BioMed with me now no longer keep in touch with me - despited my efforts to try and stay in contact.

Is this course gonna turn me onto a path I'm already heading down on my own?

In a drunken moment this week (and apologies to anyone I ranted at on MSN on Tuesday night about this) I decided that I wasn't fit or capable of doing medicine and I was going to fail all the exams on the course. And that I wasn't sure if I still wanted to be a paramedic. Deep down I still don't think I know.

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Anonymous said...

You're unlikely to fail the course. It's generally easier (conceptually at least) than most science courses.

Whether it's what you want to do, is another matter - and one only you can decide. Good luck...