13 June 2006

Ah nuts!

I made a terrible mistake. A really really horrible one.
I promised I would never do it again. I would not allow myself to become addicted once more. I thought I had beaten it..........but to no avail.
I have become hooked on Big Brother again.

I can't believe the immature level of bitching, stealing and general ho-ness in the house. I have a very long fuse, but I would have exploded by now in that house. I love Richard, I think he's great - reminds me of some friends of mine...........

So tonight I am not going to fall asleep through Lost. I am going to eat ice cream and do some more dissertation.


Emster said...

'general ho-ness'
Love the phrase :D And I like Richard too

Renal said...

You daft bint! Your summer is ruined.

Rob said...

Urgh. Evil. I can't say I watch much TV, but even I know to avoid big brother.

MuppetLord said...

I love avoiding BB.