06 June 2006


Today I have (yet again) been to see the doctor. I had to go and get the results from my X-Rays taken a few weeks ago.

It's a combination of good and bad news. My thoracic and lumbar spine (middle and base of my back) are showing no damage of any kind, meaning my pain is possibly muscular. A lifetime of hotwater bottles and hot baths awaits me!

My neck X-Rays showed signs of damage. Apparently I have wear-and-tear of the vertebrae and muscle spasm that was obvious on the X-Ray (!?). I've been told that it isn't uncommon for people my age to have some degradation in at least one joint, especially if they play sports (ahem), but it's not exceptionally common to have painful symptoms at my age. Great, just great. And the plan of action is to carry on increasing the TCA on a night until I get to 75mg (or can no longer get up in a morning).

In unrelated news, I am also the proud owner of an inner ear infection and a build up of wax. I plan to become familiar with some anti-emetics (stop the sicky feeling), cotton wool and olive oil. Apparently it will clear away on its own, but not before more people have looked at me oddly for not walking in a straight line!

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