05 June 2006

Sex and the City

After Merys' Big Night Out (M.B.N.O.) the girls stayed at my place, crashing on the sofa bed together, bless them.
Saturday morning saw us all woken up early by my phone and then saw all 3 of us piled on the sofa bed comparing morning breath, hangovers and memories of the previous night.

I miss the girls,I really do. Sure, I have female friends and gay friends, and even the occasional straight male friend - but nothing beats lying around in your (sometimes scanty) PJs and discussing the opposite sex.

After finally prising them out of bed and towards the bathrooms we headed out shopping and for a bite of lunch and some fresh air. Leela was feeling (and looking) incredibly green, while Sarah and myself took some pity on her.

Poor Leela!*

So, the general consensus was that a Golden Arched burger was in order to replenish sugar and fat levels.

The dinner conversation consisted mainly of my ex-boyfriend and his idiotic tendencies, who'd been chatted up by who the night before, and various other girly stuff.

It would have been exactly like Sex and the City, except exchanging the surroundings, beverages, attire and food. Kinda SATC for the Northern Bird

*(self inflicted - no sympathy)

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