26 February 2005

The Yoof of Today

This is a stern message to all freshers out there who live in halls - setting the fire alarm off at 2.30AM is not funny, or nice, or considerate to anyone else, and especially not to the fire brigade. As a member of the halls residential staff at my uni, I am usually the one who gets it in the ear from the Fire Brigade while you inebriated little sods laugh your heads off outside. On the good side, I'm the one who decides when you get to come back in.........
Unfortunately I've had no luck trying to find out who set the bloody thing off, but I really struggled to get back to sleep, and eventually managed it at 4.45AM, for the alarm clock to greet me at 6.20AM. Needless to say I did snooze strongly through my 10AM lecture on alcohol toxicity. Hell, what I don't know about alcohol poisoning and how to put a drunk fresher to bed isn't worth knowing.
Anyway, I have to go to Birmingham later this morning, so I am going to retire to my boudoir (read: scabby hovel)

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