15 February 2005

Jellyfish from the waist down

Well, today I have spent muchos time in front of computer, sans glasses = sore burning eyes. (Note to self, get eyes tested.)
I managed to up my dissertation total to 2000 words - only 3000 to go. Still no news from the med school I really want to go to, even though most of my friends have interviews next week. I'm beginning to feel a bit disheartened by it all. I was considering applying to work for the ambulance service, reminded of the fact that this interested me after reading an excellent blog randomreality.blogware.com and having given this a lot more thought lately, I have wondered if they would have me, considering that I have an undiagnosed joint problem (don't even get me started). I'm reasonably fit and have been training tonight for 3.5 hours non-stop (hence jellyfish from the waist down), and i'm sure that tomorrow afternoon whilst attempting to stand behind a bar, I will actually be laying down behind the bar due to lack of lower body movement.
It upsets me that my joints are screwed (ok, i've started so i'll finish), not because they are screwed, but that I first went to see the quack in November 2002, and they still don't know what's wrong with me or them. Instead I was told that it was normal adolescent growing pains, and that I would grow out of them. Rather, that they seemed to grow into me, and rapidly spread their way around my body. What went from being a bit of dodgy knees / slightly sore hip, has become sore knees, ankles, hips, grumpy right elbow and sore neck. I actually feel guilty going to see my GP, and I know that she doesn't know what's up with me, which is probably why, after 4 blood tests, they are sending me to see a rheumatologist. What intrigues me more is why a rheumatologist when every test is negative.
I love the NHS.

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