19 February 2005

Sticking with it

Have just got exam results, and it would appear that I don't understand my biomedicine as much as I thought I did, as they aren't quite as good as I had anticipated they would be. I've still passed them all, which is a small relief though I suppose.
Today I finally got my eyes tested - and now need to wear glasses all the time. I would kill for contact lenses, but the opthalmologist said he didn't recommend it, as my eyes are too dry and itchy. He also told me i'm gonna have to start using artificial tears, as my eyes aren't moist enough - hence the excessive burning sensations. It was great fun trying to use eye drops when i've never used them since I was 5. It was much easier at that age, parents are very good at that sort of stuff. I'm a bit like Rachel in friends when she needs eye drops, i'm a bit of a wimp, but I think I can kiss mascara goodbye for the time being anyhow!
It would also appear as though I can kiss medicine goodbye for the time being, as I seem to be moving the goalposts further and further away. Maybe the GAMSAT is an option - I don't really know.

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