06 February 2005

Scrounging Tax Dodger????

OK, I'm officially maddened.
1, I am a student, but
2, I work to keep myself in university, and,
3, I pay tax and NI contribution

so...you can imagine my anger when a drunken man called me a scrounging tax dodging student. But, there's more to this than meets the eye. I was actually enjoying a night out at my Student Union. You do have to question the sensibility of student-haters who go to a students union.
His particular rant was brought on by so called 'unprofessionalism' on the part of the Union. The fire alarm had been activated by some drunken tit so we had all been evacuated into the freezing cold February night, and this idjut of a bloke had decided that it was unprofessional to potentially save our lives by evacuating us to be on the safe side!
And I'm meant to be the stupid student, I honestly do wonder sometimes.

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