08 February 2005

A little more about me

While I don't particularly want everyone to know who I am, I do want people to know why I am writing this blog, and it would be nice if someone could post me some comments to let me know that they are actually reading it. (Just longing for some loving really!)
I'm a third year biomedicine student at a University up north. I don't really enjoy my degree very much, but it's a means to an end.
You see, what I really want to do is study medicine. I know that there must be loads of medics somewhere wondering why the hell anyone would wish for it, but it's all I really want to do.
I've wanted to be a doctor since I was eleven years old, and I'm now 21, and still struggling to try and get in to med school.
I didn't exactly do stunningly at A levels. (Why oh why did I do Chemistry, Biology and Physics??????) and I only got CCC, when my only offer for medicine was AAB. Understandably, they rejected me, can't think why!
So they offered me a place on biomedicine, with the idea that I could graduate with a 2:1 and start on a post-grad medicine course, or even the regular 5 year one. I accepted the place, hate the degree and still don't look like I'm going to get into med school. Oh dear.
But, I do hold an offer at a medical school down south, so with any luck, shoudl I get a 2:1 I will be toddling off there next year.
Here's hoping.

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Jane said...

Hi Merys,
thanks for your lovely comment on that photo of wine glasses on a wall.
Your blog is interesting and very well-designed. Did you do that?
Good luck with getting into medicine (and sorting out your joint pain.) Coincidentally, I used to teach nursing students (I'm not a nurse though) and many of them really wanted to do medicine (or other degrees), hadn't got the marks and were trying to upgrade their entrance chances by doing some of another degree. It is a hard row to hoe - doing well at subjects you're not that interested in. Hope you make it. Your blog gives the impression of a person with the determination to get there.