11 February 2005


I'm not exactly sure why I decided to give up alcohol for lent, but anything for a change. Besides, at least my liver can now remember that it is alive after all, not just preserved.
My friends seem pretty cool about it though, and they weren't too bad when we all disappeared to the pub this afternoon between lectures. Ok, so I guess i've just confirmed a stereotype there, but I honestly didn't drink. God bless Diet Coke! And, I was particularly good as I needed to see a professor in the department about my work, so I didn't feel it appropriate to smell of booze.
I suppose it really is true that many students would do anything for a freebie, and one of my coursemates definitely proved this earlier today. The barman came up to us in the bar, and asked if one of us would model a woman's t-shirt with the name of a new film on it. The idea was that we would pose for some stupid photographs, and we could keep the t-shirt. I mentioned that it was a woman's t-shirt right? So, we have one bloke sitting with us, who decided after 3 pints of guiness that it would be a good idea for him to do it - cue large man in small t-shirt prancing around a busy bar. It was quite amusing though, and he did swap it for a mens shirt in the end. (thank goodness, as he wore it for the next lecture!)
At least I have standards. If the film had been a decent one I might have done it myself......

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