13 February 2005

The first challenge to sobriety.

Well, tonight was gonna be the first night I really struggled at Lent. Girls night in. Something along the lines of comiserating ourselves on our crap taste in men (made more difficult for me by my ex's new g/f sitting in same room- at least alcohol wouldn't let my mouth run away with me!).
I've got to say how much I respect my friends and team mates for not pushing alcohol my way, or taking the piss. In fact, they were quite suprised by my hyperactivity, even I thought I'd been drinking at one point, but I always keep an eye on my drinks.
It's really refreshing to be able to have a decent conversation with a taxi driver on the way home too. I honestly think taxi drivers are truly wonderful people, they have such interesting stories to tell, and they way they must analyse their clients. I swear I would love to be a cabby for just a day (not a night though!).
Its nice to be able to come home to the flat and be sober enough to do something over than just fall into bed.