10 February 2009

Merchant Bankers The Saga (it would appear)

Deary me. 

The aforementioned 'Falihax' has breached the Data Protection Act. 

Someone who isn't me, and is in fact my mother went into a branch this morning and was given information about one of my bank accounts.

She went to report a pass book missing that is for one of my accounts (without my permission, but hey-ho) and was told that someone had been making withdrawals against the book. 

My mother and myself do not have similar names. We are not of similar ages (my date of birth is written next to my name) and she did not have the passbook. 

It's nice to know that in the last two days I can make two complaints against the same bank for two entirely different reasons. 

I think I will be moving banks.



Anonymous said...

I'm with Ally and Lee and they suck too!

However they did refund me about £100 because they took two direct debits that had already been cancelled.

I have muchos excitement though if I go to uni in September I might be able to get a student account which will make me feel a little better rather than being charged for my overdraft lol.

Jo said...

First of all, {hugs} for evil banks.

Secondly, my sister had the same issue that you had in your previous post (though with a different bank, the National one based in Westminster...)

Fortunately, my father is a consultant who has worked in the banking industry, and he was able to give her some information about the banking code...

If you write to the Chief Executive of the bank (name and address should be on their website), he (or his office) has to reply in a certain length of time (I *believe* two weeks, but I'm waiting for a response from my little sister...).

My sister ended up with a phone message from the head of the aforementioned bank and, following in the post, a cheque for the charges taken...

You need to set out your case clearly and objectively (don't go off on a rant about insensitive staff etc), and state how you feel that the case could be resolved (money back for the unfair charges, not sure about the Data Protection...!)

Good luck!