07 February 2009

Bar vs Hospital

I recently had a shift in the bar that can only be described as unadulterated hell.

To explain...

Text from manager at the end of the night: How was it, takings OK? Good to cash up?

Me: Takings excellent, cashing up fine, Loz and I ready to bitch slap some customers tho...

The bar had been busy, but nothing that Loz and I aren't able to cope with. The problem is the customers; kind of a crucial part of a bar I will admit.

I came across the attitude of 'I pay your wages so I'll do as I want', even if that did include bringing in and consuming their own alcohol into my licensed premises, as well as just being generally rude and ignorant.

What did make me pause for thought was whether doctors get this when they qualify? I know that ambulance service staff do, as I've witnessed it when I've been out observing, and to a lesser extent nurses get it to on the wards... but does the same happen with doctors?

I would be curious to hear thoughts and opinions.


Anonymous said...

I know my friend who's some kind of higher up in the A&E gets this all the time, "I pay your wages" etc. Normally if it's the end of a bad shift he just tells them something like "Actually, you're on benefits, so technically I pay for you, so shut up". Yeah, he's pretty tired of the Scottish NHS.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Not often, happily, but it does occur.

The Young Mummy said...

drunks really are a pain at times, shame you couldnt actaully slap them!

I think most people get the i pay your wages comment. If the customer/client/patient isnt happy with the service they are recieving or what they are being told to do. Silly really seen as we all contribute to someone elses pay packet just like they do to ours.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes they do.